Self Performed

Roncelli typically self performs key tasks on projects to ensure the required pace of work is maintained to achieve project milestones goals and to provide an example of high quality workmanship to the project’s trade contractors.

Roncelli’s range of self performed capabilities include the following:

  • Select Demolition
  • Miscellaneous Excavation and Backfill
  • Concrete
  • Concrete Specialty Toppings and Sealants
  • Sub-Grade Thermal Protection
  • Sub-Grade Water Stops and Expansion Control
  • Rough Carpentry and Formwork
  • Concrete Joint Sealants
  • Barricades/Ramps/Guardrails
  • Debris Control
  • Temporary Weather and Security Protection


Concrete Contracting

In addition to self-performing the concrete work on our Construction Management and General Contracting projects, Roncelli also performs numerous types of concrete specific projects directly for owners, municipalities, state agencies, program managers and other construction managers. Our corporate culture, which is based upon servicing the end user of a project, provides support to our concrete operational objectives. Our concrete division performs a wide array of concrete services to the construction industry including, Specialty Concrete and Core Concrete Construction.

Specialty Concrete


  • Superflat Concrete Floors
  • Concrete Repair and Restoration
  • Special Surface Treatments and Textures
  • Thermally Controlled Concrete Placements


Self Performed Concrete

Roncelli’s major self performed contribution to a project is the implementation of the concrete work. It is of utmost importance for the concrete work on a project to be installed by a highly motivated, quality conscious team of construction professionals that will set the standard for all of the trades work on the project.

All of the design, planning, budgeting and controls that have been finely tuned over the design process deserve a timely and efficient project start. The start of a project is often the start of excavation and placement of the building’s concrete foundations. There is no firm more vested in the successful outcome of their project than Roncelli. There is no firm more qualified to perform the concrete work on their project than Roncelli. There is no firm more capable of performing and delivering the highest quality, competitively priced concrete work, on time, and within budget than Roncelli.

Core Concrete Construction


  • Structural Concrete Substructure and Superstructure
  • Pile Caps and Grade Beams
  • Slabs On Grade and Supported Slab Installations
  • Continuous Mass Pour Concrete Placements
  • Concrete Topping of Precast Decking
  • Specialty Floor Coatings and Toppings
  • De-mucking, Mud Mats, Subgrade Soil Stabilization
  • Underground and/or Under Floor Chases and Tunnels
  • Concrete Walks and Bridges
  • Concrete Curbs and Gutters and Pavement Applications