Operations & Maintenance

Operations & Maintenence

Roncelli offers solution options to assist clients in minimizing operating costs and start-up challenges while maximizing building efficiency and performance. Roncelli’s collaborative and integrated facilities management and solutions team helps guide clients in reducing cost while creating a safe, comfortable and reliable environment for their employees.

Facility Management

Analyzing short and long term facility objectives is an important component in developing a successful Facility Operations and Maintenance Program. Considerations include the following:

  • Operating and Maintenance Program Start Up
  • Long Term, 20 to 50 Year Objectives
  • Clearly Identified Benchmark
  • Labor Forecasting by Trade – Utilizing Economical, Efficient and Lean Processes
  • Reports, Deliverables and Maintenance Reviews to Ensure Focus and Accountability
  • A Comprehensive Maintenance Plan, including Schedules, Work Scopes, Trigger Events to involve External Vendor and Consultant Support to Reduce Risk


Energy Analysis & Management

These services include off site monitoring and management of energy, security and risk.

Warranty Management

Roncelli actively manages warranty issues for clients. Roncelli’s warranty management program includes the use of Roncelli provided Operations and Maintenance Manuals, As Built Drawings, Warranty and Guarantee Certificates, Contractor/Supplier Directory and System/Equipment Commissioning Records. Our Warranty report call center is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with an auto-escalation back-up process for resolution and documentation of all responses. Our warranty management program includes tailored features for each project and is fully transparent, providing a documented record of all warranty issues.

Property Management

Roncelli’s team of maintenance professionals provides property management services for multi-facility clients along a full spectrum of markets and regions. Although the process is comprehensive, each facility’s maintenance program is unique and specific to the needs and objective of the site.