Wayne County Airport Authority Airport Lighting Vault No. 1 Replacement

Roncelli served as the lead Joint Venture Partner in the construction of a new airfield lighting vault building within, the Airfield Operations Area, on the west side of Detroit Metropolitan Airport in Romulus, Michigan. The project’s work scope included the construction of a one-story load bearing masonry building of approximately 5,400 SF with a partial basement, emergency generator and fuel tank. The building’s components include concrete foundations and cast in place basement walls, slab on grade and slab on metal deck, masonry load bearing walls with brick veneer, steel joists and metal deck supporting an insulated, multi-ply built up roof system with metal copings. Interior partitions are composed of painted masonry with hollow metal doors and frames. Custom fabricated steel stairs and handrails are installed for access to the basement. The building’s heating system utilizes a forced air furnace with exposed metal duct. Suspended, industrial style fluorescent light fixtures provide interior illumination.


Project Location:

Romulus, MI


5,400 SF Main Level
1,000 SF Basement


Airfield Lighting Power
Airfield Lighting Controls
Emergency Lighting Power


Wayne County Airport Authority
Detroit, MI


Michigan Aviation's Partners & Tucker, Young, Jackson, Tull, Inc. Detroit, MI