Target Corporation Site Upgrades

Target Corporation, Marketplace Properties, Nowak & Fraus and Roncelli, Inc. worked very closely to deliver a beautifully upgraded site that focused on the beautification of larger landscape areas  and new site lighting while providing a quick, friendly and efficient accessibility to the store. The redesigned parking areas and access roads allowed neighboring theater traffic safe and easy access to its destination while enhancing way finding for all of Target’s guests.

The entire 40-acre phased renovation schedule was completed within 45 days, which also included the demolition of an 87,000 SF building on the site. All of the construction was accomplished without disrupting service to the store or affecting Target’s revenue stream.

Project Location:

Sterling Heights, MI


100,000 SF
20 Acre Site


Household Merchandise


Marketplace Properties
Sterling Heights, MI


Nowak & Fraus, PLLC Royal Oak, MI