MJR Cinema 20 Marketplace

The MJR Cinema 20 Marketplace at fifteen Mile and Van Dyke in Sterling Heights, Michigan provides the latest in film exhibition technology and patron comfort.

MJR and the site developer, Marketplace Properties agreed to a Fast Track, Design-Build Schedule presented by Roncelli, Inc. that allocated 90 days for the design-permit process and only 160 days for construction of not only the theater but also the development of the 30 acre site. The teams of Designers, Architects, Engineers, Property Managers, Owners, Contractors and Municipal Officials all meshed productively through the coordinated management of Roncelli, Inc. and resulted in the turn-over of the theater, six days ahead of schedule!

The theater houses twenty studios with 4,200, plush high back rocker style seats on 46 inch deep riser platforms every 18 inches in height. Large, wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling curved screens seem to encompass the audience in their borders. the projection booths are all wired for digital “Real D 3-D” technology.

Split face, single wythe reinforced masonry walls support a pre-cast concrete plank mezzanine floor and a steel beam and joist roof structure covered with metal decking and an EPDM roof. The stadium risers in the studios are composed of pre-cast concrete “L” sections supported by structural steel stringers. Much of the area under the riser construction is used for public restrooms, storage rooms, administrative offices and the concession area. The 8,700 SF lobby features a 35 ft vaulted exposed structural steel ceiling paited purple. The lobby floor has a simulated cobble stone stamped concrete entry and a carpeted lounge near the concession area. A super-large LED reader board above the box office kiosks lists a menu of the theater’s show times.

All concession areas and public restrooms feature floor-to-ceiling ceramic tile covered walls and seamless acrylic coated floors for easy cleaning. The 16 station concession area features plastic laminate and stainless steel finished display cabinets with a solid surface counter top. The concession area houses three large corn poppers, twelve soda towers, two “ice-ee” beverage machines, eight candy display cabinets, a pizza station and two hot dog stations.


Project Location:

Sterling Heights, MI


82,590 SF Footprint
9,800 SF Mezzanine
8,700 SF Lobby
20 Studios
4,200 Seats


Movie Theater


MJR Group, Inc.
Royal Oak, MI


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