Menards Store Warren

Roncelli is very proud that we have built the new Menards Warehouse in Warren, MI. The new Warren store is located on Van Dyke near 14 Mile Road and is the first of many to follow.

A leader in the residential construction materials and home goods, Menards is also a very savvy construction buyer. They have the experience and knowledge to associate with highly competitive construction managers and contractors. Their construction documents and building standards are typically second to none in their industry.

The Menards store is 200,000 square feet, with a separate 42,000 square foot Lumber Warehouse. The front façade exhibits split face masonry blends with EIFS or limestone accents and metal canopy roofs. The inside of the store is “upscale warehouse” construction. A  triple bay dock at the rear serves the material handling requirements of the store.

State of the art merchandising, point of sale and security systems, fire suppression systems and display lighting are key components to a Menards store.

Project Location:

Warren, MI


200,000 SF Retail Building
& Lumber Warehouse
18 acres Site Prep Work
Concrete & Paving Work


Retail Sales of General
Residential Construction Products & Home Goods


Menards, Inc.
Eau Claire, WI


Menards Store Design