McLaren Macomb Morgue Renovation

Roncelli, Inc. was selected as the Construction Manager for the McLaren Macomb Hospital Morgue and Autopsy Room renovation. The new cooler has a capacity of 12 and features a new rack and lift system for easier loading in and out of the cooler. The Autopsy Room has a new autopsy table that raises up and down and rotates 180 degrees for easier viewing during teaching sessions.

During the renovation, accommodations had to be made for the hospital by temporarily setting up a FEMA refrigeration trailer while the existing cooler was being replaced. Special consideration had to be taken while replacing the cooler due to tight time constraints.

Roncelli needed to reconfigure the existing space within ¼” tolerance per the Manufacturers (Mopec) specifications to accommodate the new autopsy table. This required Roncelli to remove the slab on grade to bring in new utilities, which included a new exhaust line, hot and cold water, and sanitary lines.


Project Location:

Mount Clemens, Michigan


600 SF Building Area


Viewing Room
Autopsy Room


McLaren Macomb Hospital
Mt. Clemens, MI


Roncelli Design Build