Marketplace Court

This 21,460 SF building has a brick finish at all exterior walls with cast limestone and split face masonry accents. A brick faced Canopy projects over a 15 ft. wide walk along the front of the building. The asphalt parking lot supports 129 parking spaces, fed by a circular drive connected to the neighboring Target Shopping Center and the adjoining Standard Federal Bank property.

The building’s structural system is composed of concrete foundations, masonry bearing walls and steel columns, a concrete floor slab, steel roof decking on structural steel joists, covered by a fully adhered EPDM roof. Anodized aluminum storefront glazing systems and doors are located at the front of each lease area. Sound resistant demising walls extend up to the underside of the metal roof deck and are composed of insulated, double frame stud construction with two layers of 5/8″ thick finished drywall.

A key feature of the building is it’s centrally located maintenance/meter room for electric, water and communication service connections. All water and electric meters are located in this room. natural gas meters are located behind screening wing walls at the rear of the building. Independent water, gas, electric and telephone service connections are provided to each lease area.


Project Location:

Sterling Heights, MI


21,460 SF

10 to 12 Lease Spaces

129 Parking Spaces

2.6 Acre Site


Restaurants, Coffee Shop
Pick-up & Delivery of Food
Service Products, Retail Sales,
Mercantile, Specialty Sales
& Services


Marketplace Properties, LLC
Sterling Heights, MI


Rogvoy Architects, P.C. Bingham Farms, MI