Ingersoll Rand Process Equipment Relocation and Pull Ahead Work

This Mocksville, NC project involved the removal, relocation and installation of existing diffuser cell plant process equipment and the receipt and installation of process equipment from Ingersoll Rand’s Pueblo, Colorado plant. Roncelli assisted with the removal and temporary storage of existing process equipment.  Existing concrete floor areas were cut and removed, under-floor ground excavated, formwork installed and steel reinforcement placed for the installation of seventeen new concrete equipment foundations for the plant’s new production line. Roncelli worked long shift hours and weekends to meet Ingersoll Rand’s compressed schedule requirements, all without disturbing plant operations and the successful performance of numerous active production lines.

The result was a successfully completed project with enhanced plant production capability, doubling rotor production to 45,000 sets a year, creating the largest rotor manufacturing facility in the world.

This project received Ingersoll Rand’s Corporate Dual Citizenship Award by “Inspiring Progress”.

Project Location:

Mocksville, NC




New Rotor Production Line
Rotor Manufacturing


Ingersoll Rand
Mocksville, NC


In House Design-Build