Great Oaks Country Club Pool Deck Area Renovation

Roncelli, Inc. was selected for the renovation of the outdoor pool area at Great Oaks Country Club in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

Work began in the winter with the demolition of the concrete pool deck and building interiors along with the removal of the timber retaining walls and fences.

In the spring, Roncelli constructed a 22,800 square-foot pool deck, which was 4,000 square feet larger than the previous one.  The Locker Room building was renovated, and a 400 square-foot addition was added to the Concession building; both buildings received new roofs and exterior cladding. A splash pad and a 700 square-foot modern pool bar cabana were constructed along with new architectural fence enclosures and the addition of site lighting.

The project was completed in time for the members and guests of Greats Oaks Country Club to enjoy during the 2019 summer season.


Project Location:

Rochester Hills, Michigan


22,800 SF New Pool Deck
400 SF Concessions Addition


Pool Deck Area
Concessions Area
Pool Bar Cabana
Splash Pad


Great Oaks Country Club-Rochester Hills, MI


Auger Klein Aller Architects, Inc.-Rocheser, MI