General Motors de Mexico SLP Central Utility Center Capacity Increase/Expansion

Genral Motors Corporation selected Roncelli for the CUC Capacity Increase and Expansion projects at their San Luis Potosi, Mexico facility.

The CUC Capacity Increase project required modifications and additions to the waste water treatment plant as a result of increased water demands and wastewater generation. The project included equipment and tank installations, stairways, elevated platforms, foundations, chiller, heat exchangers, weld water, compressed air, filters, mechanical, electrical, civil, and structural work.

A project challenge was expanding the existing chiller system that supports many functions of the plant including critically important paint operations. Roncelli worked closely with the GM Mexico management team and plant operations to schedule work activities during pre-planned shut-down periods and involved temporary chiller operations that eliminated the risk of interrupting critical plant operations. This proactive approach significantly reduced cost impact to the project and schedule duration of critical tie-in activities.

At the conclusion of the CUC Capacity Increase project, Roncelli was selected to perform modifications in other areas of the CUC support increased plant production. Roncelli completed modifications and expansion to various systems that included caustic feed pumps, HCL feed pumps, CO2 system, new ground water RO double pass unit, storage tanks and new RO pretreatment tank, pump and agitator.


Project Location:

San Luis Potosi, Mexico


52,600 SF


Plant Utility Infrastructure


General Motors de Mexico