General Motors Corp Powertrain South Expansion

General Motors Powertrain Division located in Pontiac, Michigan consolidated most North American Powertrain testing into a new state-of-the-art 427,000 SF facility. The new facility consisted of two Dyno Wings, a Fuel Farm, a Central Energy Plant, and a Southwest Addition to their existing testing facility.

The Dyno Wings consolidated 157 outdated test cells from four locations into 98 high flex and new technology cells. The Fuel Farm, with 27 different fuels, 36 storage tanks, and multiple building distribution piping systems, provided the fuel delivery infrastructure to all test cells. The Southwest Addition allows for an increase in non-fueled testing labs. A new Central Energy Plant containing Chillers, Cooling Towers and Substations, powers the entire complex.

The entire Project was designed and coordinated with 3-D BIM programming, resulting in enhanced coordination, less waste and minimal interferences. Commissioning of New Air Emissions Equipment, RTO’s, complex Control and Data Systems, Test Cell Equipment, and Building Systems were performed under process loads. General Motors maintained ongoing testing operations within the existing facility during construction requiring precise planning and coordination of construction activities.

This facility combines high-tech testing cells with modern energy management and sustainable green design.

Project Location:

Pontiac, MI


427000 SF New Construction
40000 SF Renovation


Dynamometer Testing
Tank Farm
Power House


General Motors Corp
Detroit, MI


FES Group / Giffels / RTS Plymouth, MI