General Motors Corp Hybrid Battery Systems Laboratory

The Global Battery Systems Laboratory project located in the Vehicle Engineering Center at the General Motors Technical Center, Warren, Michigan, consisted of four primary phases of design and construction over a five year duration. The initial phase of work involved the relocation of the original Hybrid Battery Testing Labs from within the GM Research Mechanical Building to a larger location within the Alternative Energy Center Building at GM’s Tech Center campus. Subsequent phases enlarged the laboratory space from it’s phase one size of 33,000 square feet to a total of 80,000 square feet. The scope of work for each of the phases was comprised of dismantling vacated engine and vehicle component test cells and renovating the captured area into Battery Pack, Cell and Module Testing Areas that would support engineering and design of the batteries for General Motors new hybrid and electrical vehicles.

Multiple labor shifts were often utilized during construction, including the installation of lab equipment and security systems. Roncelli’s project team, General Motors facility and their Global Battery Lab personnel worked together to bring numerous environmental chambers, charging equipment and cyclers online as dated accumulation equipment and control consoles were integrated into the project concurrently with construction to allow for an expedited commissioning sequence. Work included the relocation of existing lab facilities from nearby buildings on the campus. Highly detailed sequential scheduling minimized impacts to the existing lab’s performance and test schedules. Offices, meeting rooms and support areas were also constructed. Major upgrades to power substations, installation of major electrical feeds through the existing facility and the installation of new roof top HVAC equipment were completed without disruptions to facility operations or laboratory testing.


Project Location:

Alternative Energy Building
Vehicle Engineering Center
Warren, Michigan


80,000 SF


Battery Test Laboratory
Battery Pack Test Lab
Cell & Module Test Area
Engineering Offices
Conference Center


General Motors Corp
Warren, MI


Giffels, LLC / IBI Group Southfield, MI