General Motors Corp Castleton Facility Restoration

General Motors Corporation relocated a portion of their engine and transmission operations from four buildings in Castleton Indiana to the Pontiac, Michigan Powertrain facility. Roncelli was commissioned to prepare the buildings for leasable turnover by removing all upgrades to the buildings that were installed for engineering and testing operations. Items of note included: demolition of process mechanical and electrical systems that fed equipment; demolition of a test cell addition; infill of equipment pits and wall openings; and replacing 10 roof top HVAC units. The four buildings ranged in size of 38,000 square feet to 5,000 square feet.

The project was executed using a three month fast track schedule which resulted in an on-time, within budget delivery.

Project Location:

Castleton, Indiana


38,000 SF Building 1
33,000 SF Building 2
33,000 SF Building 4
5,000 SF Building 5


Engine and Transmission Operations


General Motor Corporation
Warren, MI