General Motors Corp Building #23 Renovations

Building #23 is used for general offices and training for GM personnel. Roncelli was contracted to perform complete demolition of the architectural, mechanical and electrical components of the building. This consisted of demolition of the first and second floor walls, doors, ceilings, HVAC system, existing lighting panels, receptacles, wiring, and auxiliary systems. The construction activities were coordinated, sequenced and scheduled to minimize disruption to the ongoing adjacent building activities.

While renovating the first and second floors, Roncelli also upgraded the existing restrooms, basement classrooms and conference rooms with new interior finishes, accessories, lighting and audio-video equipment.

Roncelli employed USBGC LEED processes while also successfully managing GM’s Green Construction Program. This project is the first LEED Certified building at GM’s Milford Proving Grounds (MPG) campus.


Project Location:

Milford Proving Grounds
Milford, MI


28,000 SF Building Area


General Office and Training
LEED Certification
Certified Level


General Motors Corporation
Warren, MI


Giffels, LLC/IBI Group Southfield, MI