General Motors Corp BAC IV Migration

This building expansion consisted of two phases totaling more than 400,000 square feet of new plant floor area.

The first phase, consisting of 100,000 square feet, provided new shipping and receiving areas along with warehousing functions to provide GM with uninterrupted material handling.  The construction and modification of existing truck docks and new building areas in a phased approach was necessary to ensure uninterrupted plant production while the phase two body shop addition work was performed.

General Motors and Roncelli expedited the schedule associated with the second phase of construction by placing the structural steel mill order prior to the award of fabrication and erection contracts. Schedule enhancement was also attainted by sequencing three sub-phases on separate accelerated fast tracks, allowing construction to begin on one sub-phase while design and material procurement was completed on the other sub-phases. Although this process added complexity to the coordination of on site activities, several months of construction were eliminated from the overall time-line.

Project Location:

Oshawa Assembly Plant
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada


400,000 SF


Body Shop Addition


General Motors Corp
Ontario, Canada


Giffels Associates Toronto, Canada