Freedom Hill Amphitheater Expansion/Renovation

Roncelli’s Real Estate Division structured a unique land lease agreement between Macomb County, Department of Parks and Recreation and the tenant, Hillside Productions, Inc. to create one of the finest outdoor entertainment amphitheaters in the country.

Hillside Productions leased a portion of the 100 acre Freedom Hill County Park and hired Roncelli, Inc. as the Design-Build contractor to construct this modern, 8,000 seat facility with all of its infrastructure, ancillary buildings and site development, in 72 days over two phases of construction.

The amphitheater boasts 4,232 extra wide fixed seats set on 40 inch wide concrete risers with each row rising above the preceding row, creating not only generous leg room, but also, unobstructed sight lines for today’s concert attendee. The focal point of the development is the stage. This structure towers 65 feet above the surrounding area, providing one of the largest performance platforms of any amphitheater in the United States-84 feet wide by 40 feet deep. The 60,000 sf roof over the fixed seating area is supported by the stage structure at one end and four columns on the lawn area at the other end. Only two columns compete with a narrow portion of the lawn area’s sight lines. This unique roof features acoustical deck and soffit drop panel construction, adding to the audience’s listening enjoyment.

Project Location:

Sterling Heights, MI


60,000 SF Amphiter

4,232 Extra Wide Fixed


Fixed seat Open-Air Concert Venue


Hillside Productions, Inc.
Sterling Heights, MI


Rossetti Architects Southfield, MI