Ford Motor Company Kansas City Assembly Plant Body Shop Demolition

Roncelli was selected by Ford Motor Company to perform the demolition and refurbishment of the existing SUV Body Shop originally built in 1951. A significant portion of the work involved selective demolition of 700,000 sf of existing plant systems including mechanical, electrical, owner equipment, structural steel, pits, and concrete. Roncelli was selected based upon the project’s critical importance and  the commitment expressed by Roncelli to achieve success. This winning approach included combining the strengths, resources, best practices, risk management perspective, and exceptional safety performance from Roncelli to deliver a highly competitive and responsive approach to meeting the project’s challenging requirements.

The project team implemented a comprehensive project management plan that included: cut, cap, and air gap all electrical and mechanical piping, HVAC, and fire protection; the safe removal of all existing systems; drain and proper disposal of all industrial waste and fluids; salvage of all assets including owner equipment, robots, conveyors, and related automation; demolition and scrap handling and recycling. Most importantly, Roncelli’s plan included a comprehensive site-specific safety plan that addressed all aspects of anticipated activities during the demolition process including pre-task plans, monitoring and reporting, both disciplinary and recognition programs, and crane action and rigging pre-lift plans.


Project Location:

Kansas City, MO


700,000 SF


Body Shop


Ford Motor Company
Dearborn, MI


Gala & Associates, Inc., Beverly Hills, MI