Ford Motor Company Body Shop Facility Upgrades

Roncelli Inc. provided and installed the structural, electrical and mechanical services that support the function of the plants new production lines. Tool rail steel was installed along with various types of power, lighting systems, and compressed air to support utility requirements. These systems were connected to the various tools essential for seamless assembly line requirements.  In addition, many areas received welding containment systems to keep the Body Shop Plant free of welding gasses and odors.  Concurrently with the installation of the mechanical systems, a stairway and bridge walkway was installed to allow plant employees to safely cross the moving assembly lines.  Also included were numerous elevated platforms, electrical for lights and exhaust fans, bus duct and utility trenches.


Project Location:

Cuautitlan Assembly Plant
Cuautitlan, Mexico


100,000 SF


Assembly Plant


Ford Motor Company
Dearborn, MI


Gala & Associates, Inc. Beverly Hills, M