DaimlerChrysler Prog Press & Building Addition

The Progressive Press and Building Addition Project for the DaimlerChrysler Corporation included the construction of thirteen new Press Lines at the Sterling Stamping Plant. The project, part of DaimlerChrysler’s $178 million dollar modernization investment effort at this plant, consisted of mutiple bid packages for both Process work and Facility work; including paving, out buildings, a 120,000 square foot building addition, Steel Lab, and offices, press infrastructure, press installation and commissioning. Master Program Schedules to support ongoing Plant operations, construction and installation of Plant provided equipment were developed with Chrysler and all the project stakeholders in a collaborated team approach.

During construction, special attention was given to methane gas monitoring, air quality and noise abatement. Site work was coordinated to allow safety vehicles and deliveries to access the building while new access roads were constructed. On time, within budget delivery was accomplshed through extensive preconstruction planning and monitoring of targeted milestones and costs.


Project Location:

Sterling Stamping Plant
Sterling Heights, MI


120,000 SF


Stamping Press Operation


Auburn Hills, MI


Ghafari Associates, LLC Dearborn, MI