DaimlerChrysler Emissions Fueling Area Expansion

This new two-story building contained eight Explosion-Proof Test Cells, each capable of fueling vehicles from a High-Capacity Underground Tank Farm. Specification grade fuels are delivered from tanks to each of the test cells, under controlled conditions. Both flammable vapors and exhaust emissions are tested from various blends and temperature-controlled fuels. The fuels are heated, chilled and mixed by equipment located on the mezzanine level. In the event of a mishap, an automatic fire suppression system will not only shut off all fueling operations in the building and extinguish any fire with a carbon dioxide fog system, but it will also close and secure all doors to the affected test cell to prevent fire from spreading, or accidental entry by an operator.


Project Location:

Chelsea Proving Ground
Chelsea, MI


23,000 SF


Emissions Testing Facility


Auburn Hills, MI


Giffels Associates, Inc. Southfield, MI