Care House of Oakland County

CARE House of Oakland County is located at 44765 Woodward, Pontiac, Michigan. Two buildings currently exist at the project site. One of the existing buildings, which is currently not occupied, will be demolished and a new building of approximately 14,000 square feet will be constructed. Care House currently occupies the other existing building and will continue to occuly and use the facility and it’s related parking areas until substantial completion of the new building.

The new building footprint occupies most of the site and will be constructed just several feet from the occupied Care House facility. Special care is required to ensure no interruption of vital services to the community. At substantial completion of the new building, the Owner will relocate to the new building and the existing occupied building will be demolished.


Project Location:

Pontiac, MI


14,000 SF


Regional Offices
Counseling Offices


Care House
Pontiac, MI


GunnLevine Architects Detroit, MI