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We pride ourselves on hiring the best and brightest employees in the construction industry and working with them to build long and rewarding careers at Roncelli.  If you would like to be part of our team, please apply by emailing

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Key Team Positions

Roncelli’s broad range of services and project types mean we offer the potential employee a variety of career opportunities and paths. Our consistent ranking as one of the top construction services provider in the nation means new hires are working among and learning from the best construction professionals in the country. Some of our key career positions include:

Safety Engineer

Our Safety Engineers work to ensure the safety of employees, subcontractors, and the general public on all of our projects. This involves enforcing Roncelli’s Safety and Health Policy as well as local and federal safety standards on jobsites. In addition, Safety Engineers conduct training for project employees and consult with project supervisors to develop safe work plans for all project phases and tasks. Qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in construction, risk management, engineering, or a related field and four years of applicable experience is preferred.  Applicants must have completed the OSHA 500 Trainer Course for Construction.


Estimators review project drawings and work with subcontractors and suppliers to develop accurate projections of project costs including materials, manpower, and equipment. Qualifications include the ability to read construction drawings and interpret project specifications. A bachelor’s degree in construction, architecture, engineering, or a related field is preferred.

Project Manager

Our Project Managers are the point-people in charge of the business aspects of our construction projects. This involves supervising contract activities on a particular jobsite, communicating with the owner and architect, and managing finance, procurement, budgeting, and schedule for the project. Qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in construction, architecture, engineering, or a related field and five years of applicable experience.

Assistant Project Manager

Assistant Project Managers participate in Roncelli’s professional development program to gain hands-on exposure to field and project management operations during all phases of construction. From budgeting and schedule to financial management and client service. Assistant Project Mangers gain valuable experience learning how to build a project from start to finish. They also perform essential project management tasks such as updating schedules, processing submittals, participating in procurement and coordinating subcontractors. This position is a stepping stone for a career in either project management or field operations. Qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in construction, architecture, engineering, or a related field.

Field Engineer

Our Field Engineers lay the groundwork for all of our projects and coordinate the “nuts and bolts” of work on site. Responsibilities include site logistics, document control, completing computations, assisting with subcontractor and supplier contract administration. Qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in construction, architecture, engineering, or a related field.


Our Superintendents oversee all field operations on a project to ensure that self-performed and subcontracted trade work is in compliance with contract documents and the project schedule. Superintendents also implement and enforce safety and quality control policies among Roncelli employees and subcontractors. Qualifications include eight years of experience constructing major commercial and/or institutional projects. An associate or bachelor’s degree in construction is preferred.

Assistant Superintendent

Our Assistant Superintendents coordinate field operations for specific areas and/or specific self-performed and subcontracted trades on a project. Assistant Superintendents ensure that construction work is completed according to a project’s planned sequence and schedule, and implement and enforce pertinent safety and quality control procedures. Qualifications include five years of field supervisory experience constructing major commercial and/or institutional projects.

Project Management Administrative Assistant

Our Project Management Administrative Assistant provides support to the field office’s project management and supervisory staff. This involves maintaining project records, documents and files. Processing change orders to subcontractors and suppliers. Assisting in the assembly and distribution of all required project documents. Maintaining the project’s office supplies and equipment. Serving as the field office receptionist, welcoming visitors and screening solicitors. Qualifications include strong computer skills. Must be proficient in Word and Excel and work well in a fast-paced environment. Construction Experience preferred.

Corporate Staff

Roncelli’s Corporate Staff provide support to operations in the field as described above.  Key functional disciplines include AccountingBusiness Development, Human Resources, Marketing, and Mechanics/Shop Personnel. Responsibilities differ by department.  Required qualifications differ by position.  Most require a bachelor’s degree, and substantial relevant experience is preferred.