Building Excellence

Client Focus

The success of your project, project team, and stakeholders is Roncelli’s highest priority!  Roncelli recognizes the significant importance a project has in helping our client’s meet their critical business objectives for continued growth and improved operating performance.  Focusing on each client’s critical business and project issues enhances Roncelli’s ability to implement innovative, highly competitive solutions that ensure each client’s ultimate success.


We also believe every client seeks a partner who shares a vision for success.  A partner who will devote an entire organization’s resources working collaboratively and transparently in a trusting environment to ensure project objectives are met.  Roncelli is that partner.

Cost Competitiveness

Roncelli’s objective is to continually attack unwanted cost, especially in today’s business environment. Our clients look at cost more closely than ever. Attacking waste and unwanted cost through “lean” processes that enhance project performance is Roncelli’s prime responsibility.  Our ability to eliminate unwanted cost enhances our client’s competitive advantage.  Lowering capital program cost without sacrificing project performance is a primary objective for every successful capital program.

Roncelli recognizes that cost competitiveness is a given in any project approach.  Roncelli’s processes attack costs throughout all phases of the project beginning with our initial involvement as our project team identifies potential cost savings from preconstruction continuing on through Value Engineering through construction and project close-out. Roncelli’s project teams are measured on how well targeted cost savings initiatives achieve intended results.  Our cost savings programs include:

  • Continuous Cost Reduction
  • Value Engineering
  • Performance Incentive(s)
  • Lean Design and Construction including 3D BIM

Roncelli’s clients regularly experience lower final project costs when compared to initial contract projections. Typical Roncelli cost savings range from fifteen percent to nearly forty percent when compared to initial budget estimates.

Green Sustainable Solutions

Roncelli is committed to implementing and promoting “green” and sustainable solutions for both its business operations and project sites. Our LEEDTM certified professionals incorporate innovative sustainable and construction solutions that meet our clients’ economic needs and sustainable objectives.

Throughout the life of each project, Roncelli LEEDTM professionals will manage the LEEDTM certification process by:

  • Developing and/or supporting the LEEDTM certification process
  • Incorporating design and construction techniques, systems, and processes to enhance LEEDTM certification
  • Updating LEEDTM scorecards and performing cost analysis of alternative sustainable solutions
  • Providing real-time financial feedback during all phases of the construction process
  • Coordinating the certification and documentation process ensuring that the desired project LEEDTM certification level is achieved.

Safety Performance

Roncelli is committed to the philosophy that every employee is entitled to work under the safest conditions possible. Roncelli considers safety its most important core value and understands the impact it has on both the client’s and its own operations. Roncelli is very proud of its safety program and will continue to seek improvement.  The Roncelli safety program governs the activities of all personnel employed in any capacity on Roncelli projects and is dedicated to the goal of providing work environments free from recognized hazards and unsafe acts or behaviors. Roncelli’s safety program includes the following protocols and practices:

  • Executive Leadership’s commitment to zero injuries, incidents, and citations
  • Benchmark leadership
  • Project Safety Goals
  • Staff Training
  • Orientations and Other Specialized Training
  • Safety Awareness through Monitoring and Posting
  • Disciplinary Action Plan
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Incident Investigation and First Aid Procedures
  • Crane Action Program
  • Recognition Program
  • Pre-Task Planning
  • Procedures for Recording, Investigating and Resolving Safety Issues
  • Safety Meetings and Audits
  • Subcontractor and Employee Accountability

Roncelli is proud that it has not experienced any recordable injury since 2007.

Lean Practices

Roncelli recognizes today’s Owner-initiated procurement strategies and construction practices may have an unintended result of creating costly waste and prolonging project durations.  Roncelli embraces LEAN Design and Construction as a production management-based approach to project delivery. Roncelli’s LEAN Principles change the way design, engineering, fabrication, and field installation work is executed throughout the delivery process. LEAN Construction maximizes delivered value while minimizing costly waste at every level of the project. Client benefits include:

  • Significant reduction in project cost and duration
  • Work is structured to maximize delivered value and reduce waste
  • Facility and systems are designed together to support customer objectives
  • Performance is measured and improved

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Roncelli’s LEAN tools include:

  • Project Agreements that assign risk appropriately amongst stakeholders
  • Predefined Client-driven project objectives and goals
  • Team member Collaboration, Transparency, Mutual Trust, and Partnership
  • 3D BIM and Co-location to drive enhanced communication and innovation
  • Site Logistics Plan(s)
  • Visual Jobsite
  • LEAN Communications
  • 2, 3, and 4 Week Look-ahead Schedules and Work Plans
  • Daily Huddles
  • 5S Strategy
  • LEAN Design
  • Lessons Learned and Value Engineering